7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Three chairs are better than one chair

The Dominican kitchen is not the greatest cuisine on earth. People nurture themselves with tons of carbon, fry literally everything that can be fried and eat the majority of the day.

But the regular Dominican life isn’t much better either. Gallons of high-proof alcohol, only moving forward with the car or motorbike and sports is nothing more than an alien concept.

If you combine these two lifestyles create a lot of obese and sluggish people. Bad nutrition and a rather lazy daily life rhythm belong to the scenery of the Dominican Republic like palms and beaches do.

Of course, not all people from the Dominican Republic are fat and lazy. There are many slim ones as well. But some definitely are in bad health conditions because of their lazy lifestyle. And become then fat. And lazier. And fatter. You get it. A catch 22.

But some people from Santo Domingo, seemed to me like massive specimen of their own:

This poor guy has one of these souvenir shops I was writing earlier about. Most of the time, he is sitting in front of his store. He needs three (!) plastic chairs to carry his own weight. A rather sad, but definitely authentic story from the Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic.

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