7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Why Michael Jackson is the ‘King of Bread’ and not the ‘King of Pop’

To make a clear statement. Michael Jackson is dead. Like Elvis Presley, Freddy Mercury, Tupac Shakur, and many other people as well. No doubts about that. No chance for conspiracy theories. No fake news. No secret second life after giving up the first public one.

But the spirit of the King of Pop survived and continued to live everywhere around the planet. Even in the Caribbean. In the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo. In the Colonial Zone.

You can see almost on a daily basis a Michael Jackson imitator standing around in ‘Calle El Conde’. That’s the major shopping area in Santo Domingo and a 0.6 mile-long (1 km) picturesque street. Most of the time, the imitator looks for some shade to protect the ton of makeup in his face.

But on very rare occasions, you can see him also in the supermarket:

I had this rare chance to see him another time during my time in Santo Domingo.

Did the real Michael Jackson like bread as much as his imitator?

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