7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Road trips in the Dominican Republic

Do you like to drive in your holidays? I like it as well. The feeling of freedom to plan and decide where to go next during my vacations is something that I really love to have. Luckily, the Dominican Republic offers you a lot of this individual freedom to drive around.

Driving in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic means no approaching traffic and freedom

Why? Because the Dominican Republic has the best highway network and road conditions of the whole Caribbean. A very good argument for every ambitious driver, who loves to navigate a car and rejects to be part of overcrowded bus vacations.

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I’ve written a lot in the past few weeks about the traffic and road conditions in the Dominican Republic. Perhaps these four articles will help you to plan your vacations when you are considering a road trip through the Dominican Republic. Have a look, it’s about these following four articles:

A self-organized roundtrip might be the best choice for you if you prefer to see as many different places during your vacation time. Do you want to see beaches, forests, dunes, deserts, agricultural pasture, and mountains in one single vacation destination? The Dominican Republic has a complex geologic history with various microclimatic zones to offer and is rich in natural landscapes.

Way to Salto Yanigua
One of many road trips I did in the Dominican Republic

You should regard as well that you have very little driving times during your road trip. The Dominican Republic is still a small country but offers many interesting features in little space. With only one or two hours of daily driving time, you can already explore many different landscapes and sceneries.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal tourism destination for you if you are a nature-loving traveler who likes to know as many regions in a limited amount of time and explore unknown territories.

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