7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Climbing to the roof of the Caribbean

Be honest: You were looking for some pictures of sandy and pristine beaches when I was introducing the Dominican Republic at the beginning of my article. But did you know, that the highest mountain in the Caribbean is in the Dominican Republic?

‘Pico Duarte’ has an altitude of 10,164 feet (3.098 m) and offers a spectacular view to all ambitious hikers and climbers. From the cusp of the mountain, you can overview the whole surrounding valleys from an amazing 360-degree view.

View from Pico Duarte (10,164 feet - 3.098 m)
Pico Duarte is the highest elevation of the Caribbean with 10,164 feet – 3.098 m (© Ministerio de Turismo de República Dominicana)

Another very good argument is to be completely alone and unmolested on top of Pica Duarte. Only approx. 3,000 climbers make it to the top of the mountain. That’s less than 10 people on a daily basis! Not only that; Statistically, only half of all visitors are going during January and the Easter holidays. The chances are high, that you’ll be the only person on top of Pico Duarte for the rest of the year.

Several routes of a different level of difficulty exist to reach the top of the Caribbean. They define for how many days you’ll be climbing up the mountain and descent again. Theoretically, you can climb yourself up and do everything on your own. But a tour guide is very recommended and the smarter alternative to not get lost in the mountains.

More comfortable is the choice of companionship during the climb anyway: Several Donkeys and pack animals will accompany you and help you carry up your luggage and the tents to the cusp of the mountain. You can focus on enjoying the landscapes and take some breathtaking photos.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal tourism destination for hikers, climbers, and for all experienced mountaineers who like to be active and are in a good physical condition to hike for some adventurous days.

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