7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Find your inner peace in a Yoga retreat

Yoga vacations are also trendy for a few years now. Where else could you practice better relaxation techniques than in the Caribbean? Imagine sunshine, good vibes, and a lot of likeminded travelers around you all day long. What could be better than a Yoga retreat to spend your next vacation?

Yoga vacations in the Dominican Republic are famous because of the tranquility and the close contact to nature they offer. Most of the Yoga retreats are located in the north of the island where the temperatures are slightly less hot and with more tropical fauna to get in contact with.

As a group activity with your Yoga group or ‘alone with some strangers’: Yoga is a great hobby and a good way to make some new contacts with people around the world who share the same interest. Leave stress behind, gain new energy, and discover the Dominican Republic with the most laid-back form of tourism.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for Yoga if you are looking to escape the stress from your daily routine and would like to practice your favorite hobby in a tropical surrounding.

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