7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Canyoning is a trendy extreme sport for adrenaline seekers and beginners

Canyoning became popular in the last years as an extreme sport that can also be done by greenhorns without training. If you have never done a thrilling jump into a river before, you should consider this trendy sport as a new hobby. Most of the time, these tours are offered as a day trip in small groups.

You should consider your level of fitness and endurance before booking one of these trips. Expect a mix of hiking, climbing, cliff jumping, rappelling, jumping, and diving during this adventurous trip. If you’re not in a good shape for these exhausting exercises, better train for it in the gym. Both endurance and strength are required to pass over a long distance. Not for the faint of heart and people with a fear of heights!

The Dominican Republic is an ideal destination for this extreme form of sports thanks to its many rivers and canyons. But is canyoning really extreme? Of course, something can always happen in the rough rocky landscape and on slippery ground. But equipped with a wetsuit and water shoes and accompanied by an experienced tour guide, the risk of injury is rather low to medium than ‘extreme’.

However, it is important that you do not have any health problems and that you are at a good fitness level. The combination of several sports under difficult conditions and cold water for several miles can be quite exhausting. If you are already struggling with 5 – 7 miles (8 – 11 kilometers) comfortable walking on a flat surface, you need to remind all the energy-sapping motions and exercises and motions during a Canyoning excursion.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal tourism destination for Canyoning and all sporty and persistent people who have always wanted to cross a wild river by swimming, jumping, and diving.

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