7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Spending eco-holidays in eco-lodges

As a complete alternative to all the abundance in the kooky All-Inclusive-Resorts in Punta Cana, wouldn’t it be a good idea to experience the exact opposite in hospitality? Like in many other countries of the world, eco-lodges are a booming trend because of their simplicity and embeddedness into mother nature. A more individual service, a cozy atmosphere in the public areas, and a lot of tranquility are the major arguments for the next eco-holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Eco-Lodges are springing up for a couple of years now and the trend is towards this type of alternative tourism. However, in comparison to the concrete desert at the coastline in Punta Cana, eco-lodges are still a minor figure. But that’s exactly their concept. More individuality, fewer rooms, and the seclusion from the expectable mass tourism make eco-lodges a worthwhile alternative.

I wrote two articles on my blog about my time in Tubagua and the Tubagua Eco Lodge. Maybe they’ll help you out to understand the concept of ecologic tourism in the Dominican Republic a little bit better.

A Canyoning trip to Charcos de los Militares and God’s swimming pool in Tubagua

It was a great weekend in Tubagua, the ‘hike and swim excursion’ to ‘Charcos de los Militares’ (or God’s Swimming Pool) was one of the highlights a must do for every nature AND water lovers.

But it is not their lived style or its peculiarity in general. Many Eco-Lodges in the Dominican Republic have the reputation to be sustainable and promote social tourism as well. Some employees of the lodge, tour guides, or nearby micro-entrepreneurs have a job thanks to eco-tourism and gladly share their knowledge.

Have you ever considered spending your holidays in a rustic and charming atmosphere in the Caribbean? You can do that in the Dominican Republic and do even something good for local communities. Multi-billion dollar hotel chains can just as easily forego revenues generated with you. Supporting local tourism with an eco-lodge not only helps a lot of local people, but you also contribute to a greener footprint.

Eco-holidays are the ideal vacations in the Dominican Republic for everyone keen to receive an individual service, want to support local people, and leave a green footprint.

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