7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Glamping – A luxurious version of the cheapest vacations

‘Glamping is a mixed word of ‚Glamourous Camping’. Now you should know, what to expect from this alternative type of vacation. Think about camping, but on a higher level with some luxurious elements. You will still sleep in a tent at the beach, but all the rest is a bit different than what you know camping for. It is a real experience and you can expect a better service, daintier food, a gorgeous beach bar, and some unique excursions you can’t find elsewhere.

You’ll find the only place in the country that is worth the description ‘Glamping’ in the southeast of the Dominican Republic. In Bahia de Las Aguilas there is this one camping ground, everyone talks about. It has a smooth and relaxed ambiance and pours on the charm. A mile-long and lovely beach motivates you to do some boat trips, watch the endless sunsets, or to just hang around in a hammock.

You’ll have these two options: Sleeping in a tent (but on a mattress) or to stay the night in a wooden bungalow on stilts. I would recommend a for a better experience the second option to have more comfort and space during your stay.

An important side-fact for the good vibe of the place: There are no RV’s, caravans, or trailers on the compound. People usually come by car or bike and park their vehicles far away from the camping area. The only motorized noise source at the camping place is coming from the generators to supply the visitors with electricity.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for Glamping in the Caribbean and laid-back travelers who are looking for a new form of tourism to relax and spend their vacations in a different surrounding.

The Dominican Republic has many good reasons and thrilling alternatives to engage with many different types of travelers. What do you think about these alternative options for individual tourism in the Caribbean? Did you like them? Which of the suggested touristic alternatives would be your favorite choice? Let me know in the comment section below!

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